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The website  eshop.eadip.hmu.gr is the property of the company “COMPANY FOR THE EXPLOITATION AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OF THE HELLENIC MEDITERRANEAN UNIVERSITY” based at the facilities of the Hellenic Mediterranean University, Estavromenos, PC 71004, Heraklion Crete with Tax Identification Number: 996844850, Tax Office: Heraklion 

It is used to provide information about the products of the Hellenic Mediterranean University, as well as to order all the products it markets. 

Before using the above features provided by the website, please read the following terms carefully. Also, please check the General Terms of Use regularly for any modifications or changes.

The copyright of the content of the website belongs exclusively to the company EADIP- HMU. Users can browse, save and print for personal use. The use of the data of the website for commercial purposes or for other exploitation is prohibited.. 

Any idea, comment, proposal, graphic representation, mark or advertisement contained in the website eshop.eadip.hmu.gr is the intellectual property of the company EADIP – HMU.

It is strictly forbidden to reuse material contained on the website eshop.eadip.hmu.gr and in particular its copying, distribution, sending or retransmission in any form (printed, electronic) without prior written permission of the company EADIP – HMU or without reference at the source

In case of electronic presentation, a link should be made to the said page (site).

All material printed from the website eshop.eadip.hmu.gr is and remains the intellectual property of the company EADIP – HMU. 

The website eshop.eadip.hmu.gr does not guarantee the content of the web pages to which the user is referred through links.

The information that may be requested from you is not used by ANYONE other than the company EADIP – HMU, nor for any purpose other than that described on this page.

The website eshop.eadip.hmu.gr reserves the right to terminate the website or part of it without prior notice, or to modify its content at its sole discretion.

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